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Waste Incineration Management

PECL operates a PortaBurn incinerator. The incinerator is specifically designed with a chamber that has double smoke scrubber which filters the air to avoid dioxins and furans emission into the atmosphere during burning. Oily rags, oil filters, used spill kits, hydrocarbon containment tins and hazardous plastic containers are incinerated. After the complete burning, the ashes are allowed to cool down properly before taken to landfill for disposal once lab test is done and analyzed for heavy metals.

Waste Preparations
Oversized items are removed and certain recyclables like metals are recovered. The remaining waste is often shredded before it enters the incinerator.


What is Incinerator and why should I get Involved?
  • Incineration and Energy-from-Waste explained
  •  Some of the arguments against incineration