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Permitting Process

Trans - boundary movement of hazardous chemicals has to be permitted by importer country. Almost all junk chemicals are exported to Australia for proper treatment and disposal. As such permit of different chemicals have to be approved by Australia Competent Authority.
PECL has handled the above processes over time and has solid established partners in place. Therefore, PECL can give you the surety assurance that it can manage through the processes to procure the export permits of hazardous chemicals for abroad disposal, treatment, recycle or remediation.
With the existing partnership with high tech waste disposal facilities in Australia, PECL can easily export hazardous waste chemicals. The company has been dealing with these waste facilities before. Thus can give you the confidence that waste produced here will be taken care of in compliance with government regulations from Packaging, Transportation and Treatment/Disposal.
Hazardous Chemical Movement
PECL offers chemical waste management services to the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors at the early stages of a chemical project. all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system pleasure and praising pain was born and give you a account of the system expound our integrated services platform provides innovative chemistry solutions with industrial insight.


Which types of waste treatment facilities require a permit?
In general waste treatment facilities need a permit. This includes in general recovery and disposal operations, including preparation for recovery and disposal. Exemption for permitting can be made for recovery operations and for facilities which dispose of nonhazardous waste at the place of production. In this case a registration is required.